PlayStation Vita, Henkaku and Adrenaline

Got a boring Vita that looks like the image above? Now you can change that, run a PSP emulator, run backed up/dumped games, run Retroarch and other system emulators!
I’ve had a vita for a while and never really done much with it. I had a PSP1000 previously with homebrew running on it, and have eagerly waited for the Vita to be hacked open.

Sure enough, after so many years Henkaku has come along and boom. If you’ve a Vita with firmware 3.60 or below you’re sorted, if it’s beyond 3.60 then sell it and buy another as you can’t do shit with it. All you have to do to install henkaku is aim your in psp browser to and boom, it’ll install away by itself. Be careful though, each time you reboot it’ll have to be reinstalled.

Once this has installed, find molecular shell and open it, by pressing select will initialise an ftp server. Download FileZilla for free on your pc/mac, enter the details you’re seeing on the Vita and you can transfer whatever you like to it.  Now google and download a vitashell vpk, transfer it into the ux0: directory. Close the ftp server by pressing O and launch file you’ve just transferred to it so it installs vitashell.

Now vitashell is installed you have access to the whole system. Find and download maidumptool, install this by transferring it to the vita via the ftp server in vitashell again and selecting it once it’s transferred. Now you can go google mai dumped games and install them (obviously if you already own them for piracy concerns).

Edit. Since the above article there is now Adrenaline available thanks to TheFloW. This enables us to run a PSP emulator via using henkaku’ beta cousin taiHENkaku at So we can now use a PSP inside your Vita, here’s me playing GT and Tomb Raider, Sonic, Mario and Mariokart :

You have to download a PSP demo or mini to make use of Adrenaline via the PS store. To do this follow the GitHub howto by TheFloW

Edit. Since the above comment the PS Store spoofing for FW 3.60 has ceased to function so you can’t download a mini or demo to install Adrenaline. has a way around this apparently.

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