Uptime of my RaspberryPi HomeAssistant & Homebridge, Siri Failing to Operate HomeBridge

So I just thought I would upgrade my Home-Assistant installation. I logged in via ssh and ran the usual update command, then thought i’d check the uptime. I cant remember the last time I shut down my Pi, other than when I went on holiday for a month.

62 Days isn’t too bad, that was the day I returned from holiday!

There isn’t a time HomeAssistant or HomeBridge has failed properly on me yet, other than my own issue. I have noticed that when using Siri on my iPhone6 to turn the lights on/off or report room temperatures, on occasion I get a reply like “I didn’t hear back from your devices Puk” or “Sorry I couldn’t do that Puk”. I admit I did get a little frustrated with this, then when I sat down to think about it and check it out, my installation is fine and working, this is a Siri issue. It’s simply that the phone hasn’t yet logged onto the wifi network to refresh it’s devices. Just by touching the home button on the phone to login is enough to refresh the phone, a momentary inconvenience. I haven’t yet opened a port from my hub to my Pi to operate HA from the web, but am pretty sure this wouldn’t be an issue if I did.

My phone failing to update the Apple Home menu on my phone.

After logging into the phone so it updated the Home menu.

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