New Toy! Evolve Bustin, Gen 2, Electric Skateboard, esk8. First Mod, Remote LED Charging Monitor

Ive got a new toy! Well, a second hand new toy! An Evolve gen 2, esk8 board. The specs look pretty cool, top speed 38kmh, range of 30km. Albeit a little less since the lion battery is now 18months old. But it was cheap, like the budgie!  This variation is the Bustin limited edition series, but is based on the Bamboo GT.

I haven't been on a skateboard for twenty years so it took me a few kms to get use to even being on a board again. I remember that I skate goofy but it feels weird so I may try regular tomorrow, perhaps absence has changed my style. This thing is so quick. I've mainly used the low speed setting, the fast speed is like a rocket! The brake is surprisingly effective too, and the motor regenerates the battery on braking, great! These boards were nearly £1300 new so should be built to last, and it certainly feels it. Thankfully it also came with some spare belts, two chargers (slow and fast), spare bearings, instructions and the tool for taking it apart.

So after blasting the thing till the battery was feeling it I decided to take it apart and have a look at what makes it tick. What can I say, the thing is a beast. The trucks are solid, the battery case is well attached and looks to be fairly water resistant, the motor and belt are nice and clean.  The battery is a 36v 10s lithium-ion that weighs in at a staggering 1.5kg. So for the dosh I spent, feels a good deal!

Unfortunately living in Aus is giving me a headache with getting it back to the UK, having sent the MDS for the battery to every courier under the sun, they literally laughed at me.  The battery is just too big for a courier to take the risk with.  So since it's on it's way out, I'm going to rip it out and leave it in Aus, and build one when I get back to the UK, watch this space!

Remote LED Charging indicator mod

When I did some googling before I bought the board I came across a little known trick for showing the remote charging light. The remote has basically an adafruit micro USB lipo charger attached to the battery with a surface mounted led, although it's hidden inside the remote so you have no idea if it's done charging. This isn't a problem if you've the original charger, but as mine is an Aus plug it's already gone in the bin and I'm using an iPad charger instead. Who needs so many USB chargers! So back on track.

Pop the remote apart with the four Phillips screws on the back of the unit and you get presented with this:

When plugged in you can see what I mean about the lit LED on the charging unit, red means charging. But you can't see this led through the case.

So carefully judge where it is and mark a spot for a hole: (note this picture is a bad example, I put the case side by side for the right height from the bottom of the case, then placed the case parts end on end for the right distance across)

Then make a hole. I used a 2mm drill bit then a round needle file. Refitted and Charging

Then fully charged:

Bingo, job done! A tiny mod that makes your life easier and does away for yet another USB wall charger that puts out a small amperage.

Now time to get on the board and have some fun!