Increasing your BTC using 1Broker

Bitcoin’s price goes up, comes down, goes up, comes down.  You can read every forum, every chatbox, every post on BTC and you’ll still not know who or what causes price change in BTC.  By all accounts the big whales are the real ones who can manipulate it, like the recent suggestion a dump from Mt Gox wallet caused the price dip, although that’s been debunked now.  Who knows, there’s a lot of people out there with big BTC wallets and a lot of people wanting to increase their BTC.

So how to increase your BTC holdings?

You could get knee deep in learning margin trading, but this can be a bit scary and a bit crazy.  If you’re not careful you’ll leverage too high and lose lock stock the whole fucking lot.

Another route is to use 1Broker.  This allows margin trading in BTC in stocks/currencies/indices and commodities.  But once again, if you don’t read up, follow the markets and understand what’s going on, then you’ll lose your previous BTC.  1Broker allows social trading, so you can copy a trader that’s doing well, they open and close positions, you take the profit, or the loss that they make.  If you’re careful you can make a lot of money, just pay attention to trades, close them if you’re happy with a profit or follow your trader.

1Fox is the other arm of 1Broker, that’s currently in it’s initial launch phase.  1Fox allows leveraged margin trading on BTC to USD, and is soon enabling the same social trading aspect that’s loved with 1Broker.

Fancy a go?  Click the links and join up, there’s no cost.  Deposit a little BTC, say .1 to get going, copy a successful trader, like 0.001btc per trade and allow ten-twentyfive trades a day and see what happens!

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