Do you Australians have a Kambrook KFA837 fan that beeps every 30 seconds? Howto fix it:

Firstly I should make a note, anything you do to a electrical appliance isn’t a good idea.  I hold no responsibility if you electrocute yourself or burn your house down or anything else.  Be sensible, if you don’t know what you’re doing just buy a new fan.  This worked for me, it might not for you and safety comes first with it being an electrical appliance, I hold no responsibility if you decide to do this.

My two year old Kambrook KFA837 fan has started to beep every thirty seconds and light up, it drives me mad. Having googled the issue, it would seem that quite a few Aussies have the same problem and now they’re out of warranty, what do you do? Well, take it apart and fix it permanently obviously! I can’t fix the lighting up but it’s easy enough to stop it beeping.

Please note I take no responsibility if you electrocute yourself, take the correct precautions, disconnect from power and don’t touch anything electrical looking, especially capacitors.

Firstly unscrew the four butterfly bolts on the bottom and take the stand off so you can lie the thing flat.

Next unscrew all the phillips screws on the back. Note there are two that have a triangular screw top, find a flat headed screwdriver that fits if you don’t have the right bit and remove that too.

Once all the screws, nine in total have been removed pop the back off.

Unscrew the four Phillips screws holding the large pcb to the fan body, and twist it in position so you can get access to the beeper. Either unsolder from the pcb or do what I did and gently grip and twist with long nosed pliers till it pops off.

Job done. Rebuild as you took it apart and voila, no beeps!