MultiDoge wallet not synchronising with network? Time to move your Dogecoin…

So with BTC going up and down, many users have found themselves starting their wallets for the first time in years and oddly enough having issues, either not starting, not synching or even not opening. MultiDoge, the wallet of choice for many Doge hodl’r hasn’t had an upgrade in a long time and there’s better soft wallets out there, like Trust for example, a simple phone app wallet. As you can guess, I was in a similar boat so seeked a way to resolve this, initially I tried adding peers to the wallet, but with two years worth of blockchain to sync I soon lost interest in waiting. Here’s a simple way of getting your doge out of multidoge and into a safe wallet. Firstly, open MultiDoge, click Tools – Export Private Keys. Make sure you click the Do Not Password Protect File. Click Export Keys. Search in your Windows…Continue reading MultiDoge wallet not synchronising with network? Time to move your Dogecoin…

How to get around the FAT32 4GB file size limit

I’ve been moving some large files between my mac and to my Pi’s external HDD and keep coming up against the fat32 file size limit of 4GB which is rather infuriating. I can’t change my disk format type, so I needed to get around it. After having a look about I’ve found split and cat, meaning I can use command line tools to split the file into two and then join them again using cat. Unfortunately split wasn’t installed on my mac but does come with Raspian, so had to do that too. Firstly to install split on my mac, in terminal: Now to split the file to be less than 4gb: This command will split the file into filename.extaa and filename.extab, the first being 4.29GB the second being what’s left. Move the files in anyway you wish to their destination, now it’s time to rejoin them which is very…Continue reading How to get around the FAT32 4GB file size limit

How to fix a sticky Yashica TLR shutter

I recently bought a very cheap Yashica 635 TLR on eBay. The reason I chose the 635 was due to it being the only medium format camera ever produced to use either 120 and 35mm film. 35mm is still fairly affordable and easy to develop whereas 120 is becoming more expensive. If the rumours are true that Fuji no longer make film and Kodak aren’t making any more c41 120 then in the near future this will become incredibly expensive, having the 35mm option on the TLR at least allows me to still play with it and not relegate it to being an ornament. So the reason it was so cheap was due to the sticky shutter leaves and the camera was filthy, the shutter wouldn’t open at all. I did some research and found it’s due to the old lubricant on the shutter leaves becoming sticky. The general gist…Continue reading How to fix a sticky Yashica TLR shutter

Do you Australians have a Kambrook KFA837 fan that beeps every 30 seconds? Howto fix it:

Firstly I should make a note, anything you do to a electrical appliance isn’t a good idea.  I hold no responsibility if you electrocute yourself or burn your house down or anything else.  Be sensible, if you don’t know what you’re doing just buy a new fan.  This worked for me, it might not for you and safety comes first with it being an electrical appliance, I hold no responsibility if you decide to do this. My two year old Kambrook KFA837 fan has started to beep every thirty seconds and light up, it drives me mad. Having googled the issue, it would seem that quite a few Aussies have the same problem and now they’re out of warranty, what do you do? Well, take it apart and fix it permanently obviously! I can’t fix the lighting up but it’s easy enough to stop it beeping. Please note I take…Continue reading Do you Australians have a Kambrook KFA837 fan that beeps every 30 seconds? Howto fix it:

Increasing your BTC using 1Broker

Bitcoin’s price goes up, comes down, goes up, comes down.  You can read every forum, every chatbox, every post on BTC and you’ll still not know who or what causes price change in BTC.  By all accounts the big whales are the real ones who can manipulate it, like the recent suggestion a dump from Mt Gox wallet caused the price dip, although that’s been debunked now.  Who knows, there’s a lot of people out there with big BTC wallets and a lot of people wanting to increase their BTC. So how to increase your BTC holdings? You could get knee deep in learning margin trading, but this can be a bit scary and a bit crazy.  If you’re not careful you’ll leverage too high and lose lock stock the whole fucking lot. Another route is to use 1Broker.  This allows margin trading in BTC in stocks/currencies/indices and commodities.  But…Continue reading Increasing your BTC using 1Broker

Howto strip paint from Games Workshop Citadel Miniatures

Recently I decided to have a crack at painting some citadel miniatures. Since I’ve tons of them in the loft at my parents I dug some out. I wanted to start afresh so needed to strip some of paint. These were mostly painted in Citadel Acrylics with the odd bit of Humbrol enamel. I use to use acetone as a kid but it never worked well, so did some research and came up with Dettol antiseptic. This is also safe on plastics.   Above is an example of a model painted well over twenty years ago, badly.  Although not bad for a 12 year old I guess.  All my models were base coated with citadel spray paint primer, then painted with citadel acrylics. So the model is broken down and placed into a glass jar, in this case with lots of others and in fact too many. Top up with…Continue reading Howto strip paint from Games Workshop Citadel Miniatures

GPU & CPU Mining Garlicoin on Windows 10 Machine

Garlicoin has recently gone crazy on Reddit thanks to the meme and a user called DigitalizedOrange stating he’d create a coin if his post got enough upvotes. That was last month and this week Garlicoin went live. I fancied mining some of the coin, more for shits and giggles than anything. I mined BTC long ago, then Dogecoin with GPU and ASIC miners, and when that all turned non profitable I stopped and got into margin trading the BTC on various exchanges. I look back on the days of mining Doge with fondness since the community rallied together to sponsor various projects, including getting the Jamaican Bobsled team to the 2012 Sochi Winter Olympics. We also sponsored a Nascar (the Dogecar) driven by Josh Wise, and we bought socks for the homeless. These were good times, Doge had value, was easy to mine, and much fun was had. Unfortunately since…Continue reading GPU & CPU Mining Garlicoin on Windows 10 Machine

Installing a Mouseover to Amazon Firestick & Virgin TV Go App by sideloading using a Mac

Got yourself a swanky new Firestick?  Definitely worth installing a mouseover, read down for more info. I wanted to watch TV around the house, but refused to let Virgin install their triple shielded coax around my property.  So had to look at other routes to get my cable tv channels into the other rooms.  I found they recently updated their TV Anywhere app to TV Go, which thankfully is a little better than it’s shockingly awful predecessor. I’ve accomplished this by sideloading the TV-Go app onto an Amazon Firestick, and also installing a mouseover toggle onto it, so it’s a bit more user friendly. Firstly, I use a Mac and love using the terminal, I long ago gave up using Windows and would use Linux if it was a little more user friendly to my mac.  Anyhow, this process will be done using a Mac, I don’t have an android…Continue reading Installing a Mouseover to Amazon Firestick & Virgin TV Go App by sideloading using a Mac

New Toy! Evolve Bustin, Gen 2, Electric Skateboard, esk8. First Mod, Remote LED Charging Monitor

Ive got a new toy! Well, a second hand new toy! An Evolve gen 2, esk8 board. The specs look pretty cool, top speed 38kmh, range of 30km. Albeit a little less since the lion battery is now 18months old. But it was cheap, like the budgie!  This variation is the Bustin limited edition series, but is based on the Bamboo GT. I haven't been on a skateboard for twenty years so it took me a few kms to get use to even being on a board again. I remember that I skate goofy but it feels weird so I may try regular tomorrow, perhaps absence has changed my style. This thing is so quick. I've mainly used the low speed setting, the fast speed is like a rocket! The brake is surprisingly effective too, and the motor regenerates the battery on braking, great! These boards were nearly £1300 new so…Continue reading New Toy! Evolve Bustin, Gen 2, Electric Skateboard, esk8. First Mod, Remote LED Charging Monitor

Fixing a Pebble Steel with screen tearing

So I’ve been a fan of Pebble since its initial kickstarter. Think I’ve had five as it stands but have always gone back to my trustworthy Steel. The week long battery life and step tracking covers all I want in a smart watch. That being said now I’m starting to control my house with Siri I may end up getting an iWatch in the near future.  Here’s my problem. This is a first gen Steel, so is now nigh on three years old. It was actually replaced under warranty by Pebble for this problem but has been sat in my drawer since. I thought I’d have a go at fixing it and having a google found I could.  Flip the watch and unscrew all four screws: Use a torx 3 screwdriver. Pop your fingernail under the edge and pop the back off.  The reason the screen tears is due to…Continue reading Fixing a Pebble Steel with screen tearing

Play  Nes, Snes, Sega Roms on an Xbox-One with Nesbox!

I follow /r/xboxone on reddit and this popped up the other day.  A guy has managed to make Microsoft’s Xbox browser, Edge, play roms due to its javascript support.  Simply upload any rom for gameboy, NES, sega, snes, to your onedrive account (obviously for legality you need to already own said game), open the browser at: And the Xbox will launch the emulator.  Select the Rom and happy days!  Here’s Sonic playing a demo:

PlayStation Vita, Henkaku and Adrenaline

Got a boring Vita that looks like the image above? Now you can change that, run a PSP emulator, run backed up/dumped games, run Retroarch and other system emulators! I’ve had a vita for a while and never really done much with it. I had a PSP1000 previously with homebrew running on it, and have eagerly waited for the Vita to be hacked open. Sure enough, after so many years Henkaku has come along and boom. If you’ve a Vita with firmware 3.60 or below you’re sorted, if it’s beyond 3.60 then sell it and buy another as you can’t do shit with it. All you have to do to install henkaku is aim your in psp browser to and boom, it’ll install away by itself. Be careful though, each time you reboot it’ll have to be reinstalled. Once this has installed, find molecular shell and open it, by pressing select…Continue reading PlayStation Vita, Henkaku and Adrenaline

Foshy, walking LeJog, 1033miles

I came across a blog by a chap called Foshy, who walked Lands End to John o’Groats.  I’ve often thought of cycling it, but never toyed with the idea of walking it, although it does sound a great idea, reading his daily post was pretty cool. Have a butchers:  

Scotland’s Majestic Munros

Driving back home from Scotland is always a bit depressing, not only due to the 700 mile drive but I hate to leave the place.  As we headed down the A82 a couple of days after Christmas, the snow having only landed the previous night, I had a great view up to Meall a’ Bhuiridh on the right at 1108m and Creise (1100m) over the moor. Two munros looking magnificent in the morning sun.  Even my shitty iphone camera managed to take a decent picture of them in the distance.  Scotland is such an incredible place. Picture taken from here.