MultiDoge wallet not synchronising with network? Time to move your Dogecoin…

So with BTC going up and down, many users have found themselves starting their wallets for the first time in years and oddly enough having issues, either not starting, not synching or even not opening.

MultiDoge, the wallet of choice for many Doge hodl’r hasn’t had an upgrade in a long time and there’s better soft wallets out there, like Trust for example, a simple phone app wallet.

As you can guess, I was in a similar boat so seeked a way to resolve this, initially I tried adding peers to the wallet, but with two years worth of blockchain to sync I soon lost interest in waiting.

Here’s a simple way of getting your doge out of multidoge and into a safe wallet. Firstly, open MultiDoge, click Tools – Export Private Keys.

Make sure you click the Do Not Password Protect File.

Click Export Keys. Search in your Windows Explorer (or Mac Finder) where it’s saved the file to, the file is called Multidoge.key. Likely in Windows it’ll be: C:\Users(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\MultliDoge and on a Mac: (your user name)\Library\Application Support\MultiDoge. Both locations are likely hidden so enamel hidden files/folders in settings first.

Right click on your Multidoge.key file and open with notepad or text editor, atom etc. Here listed is your private keys.

As I suggested, Trust is a decent wallet that has IOS/Android apps, get downloading one now onto your device. Once downloaded, open it, click the top right button and search for Doge and add it to your wallet, this will create a wallet address to send your Doge to.

We now need to get the Doge from one to the other. We shall use: Open this site, click on the Redeem Paper Wallet button, no need to make an account.

Now copy/paste the key, or the first key from the list of your private keys that we opened with notepad/texteditor/atom into the box. Click Redeem Paper Wallet. The next popup will be asking for the address to send the Doge to. We get that from the Doge page on your trust app, email yourself the code or use handover if on ios etc and paste it in. Click through and it’ll send, this shall cost you 1 Doge to do this, thats a nice cheap transaction fee.

Refresh your phone wallet and now your Doge is nice and safe in a new place so you won’t have to worry about updating your wallet again and if your hdd fails youd lose everything.

Something to note, make sure you’ve got your new phone wallets secure, phrases backed up etc, Trust tells you how to do this. If you’re reading this then you should undestand how to backup a wallet with a key phrase/private keys etc.

If this has helped, then feel free to ping me some doge so I can buy a decent coffee or a beer when we’re out of lockdown: